Ads from the Past: TEY True-Flex Skis

First Successful Aluminum Skis

In its second year of production, TEY Manufacturing ran its one and only full-page ad in SKI magazine (November 1, 1948) to pitch its True-Flex aluminum ski and True-Hold binding. Short-lived in North America, the ski became a huge success in France, where it was made and sold as the Aluflex—a precursor of Dynastar. The True-Hold binding wouldn’t release upward at the heel but did provide lateral release at the toe, and the whole thing could slide fore and aft by 2 ½ inches (10cm) for performance tuning, anticipating the ESS and Atomic bindings of the 1980s. Howard Head’s new aluminum ski wouldn’t get a mention in SKI until November 1952, and Head ran his first big ad in November 1953, with a list of 120 U.S. dealers. 

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