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2024 ISHA Awards were presented March 22, 2024 at the US Ski and Snowboard History Celebration March 20-23, 2024.

Black Rock Resort, Park City, Utah

Award Winners

Ullr Book Awards

“Around the World in 50 Slopes,” By Patrick Thorne

“Georges Blanchon:Cet homme protée libre et généreux,” By Daniel Sage

Winterdanse: The Misplaced Art of Snow Ballet,” By Michael Russell

“Une Histoire des skis Dynamic: Skis de Légende adoptés par des coureurs exceptionnels,” By Jean Michal

Baldur Book Awards

"Junior Bounous and the Joys of Skiing," By Ayja Bounous

"Disneyland on the Mountain: Walt, the Environmentalists, and the Ski Resort That Never Was," By Greg Glasgow & Kathryn Mayer

Skade Book Awards

"From Ranch to Resort: The History of Sierra at Tahoe," By Christopher C. Couper

"Eldora: Six Decades of Adventure," By Rett Ertl & Andy Bigford

"Skiing off the Roof," By Rick Walkom

Film Awards

 "Full Circle: A Story of Post Traumatic Growth," Trevor Kennison, Barry Corbet & Josh Berman

"Buried: The 1982 Alpine Meadows Avalanche," Jared Drake & Steven Siig 

"Alf Engen: Snapshots of a Sports Icon," Alan & Barbara Engen (producers)

Cyber Award

Perisher Historical Society (

Perisher Historical Society

Honorable mentions

Baldur Honorable Mention

"Without Restraint," Robert C. DeLena & Ryan C. DeLena

Skade Honorable Mention

Skiing in Colorado, Colorado Snowsports Museum and Hall of Fame and Dana Mathios

Film Award Honorable Mention

"NGR: The Fabulous Life of Nancy Greene Raine," Lainey Mullins


2023 ISHA Awards were presented March 22, 2023

Big Sky, Montana

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2022 ISHA Awards were presented March 24, 2022

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ISHA chairman John Fry, who founded NASTAR in 1968, presents an award to Bill Madsen, who has led the national recreational racing program for more than 25 years. ISHA held its annual awards banquet in Squaw Valley during the 2018 NASTAR finals and 50th anniversary celebration.

Longtime ski journalist Peter Shelton won an Ullr Award — his second — for Tracks in the Snow.

A delegation traveled to Squaw Valley from China to accept a Lifetime Achievement Award for Shan Zhaojian (center), China’s leading ski historian.

The ISHA Awards, first established in 1993, honor outstanding creative works of ski history. The awards are presented to book authors, journalists, filmmakers, academicians, website developers, and other media publishers. The ISHA Awards are presented every year in a different ski town; in recent years, the banquet has been held in Park City (2019), Squaw Valley (2018), Stowe (2017), Aspen (2016) and Steamboat (2015). Because of Covid19 restrictions, the 2020 and 2021 Awards were presented online.

The awards are presented for work published or formally completed before the end of the preceding calendar year, and nominations are due in early December. 

ISHA Awards are presented in the following categories, though not every category is honored every year:

Lifetime Achievement Award: Presented for contributions over a substantial period of time to ski history, ski journalism, photography, film, radio or television.

Ullr Award: Presented for a single outstanding contribution or several contributions to skiing’s historical record in published book form.

Skade Award: Presented for an outstanding work on regional ski history or for an outstanding work published in book form that is focused in part on ski history.

Baldur Award: Presented for an outstanding work of general interest that sheds significant light on an aspect of skiing history.

Film or Photography Award: Presented for outstanding contribution to the historical record of skiing in photographic or film/digital form.

Curatorial Award: Presented for outstanding work in curating a nationally recognized ski museum through its exhibits and publications.

Cyber Award: Presented for creating a Website that contributes substantially to the preservation, distribution, and expansion of skiing’s historical record.

Service Award: Presented for outstanding work over a substantial period of time with an organization engaged in the creation and preservation of skiing’s historical record.

Special Award: Presented for outstanding contribution to the historical record outside the above categories.

Click here for a list of all ISHA Annual Award winners, 1993 to 2023

The Jury

The jury for the 2021 ISHA Awards, to be presented in March 2022, consisted of

  • Rick Moulton, ski film historian, ISHA Chairman
  • Einar Sunde, ski bibliophile, ISHA Secretary emeritus
  • Bob Soden, ski historian, ISHA Treasurer

To learn more about the ISHA Awards, or to inquire about submitting a work for consideration, please contact the ISHA office at 802.375.1105 or email

Awards Program Seeks Sponsor

The International Skiing History Association seeks financial support for its program of annual awards to authors, filmmakers, and preservers of the sport’s history. The Awards program is ideal for a foundation, company, or individual wishing to identify their deep and lasting love of skiing. Support can take the form of an endowment yielding sufficient income to support the program permanently, or a multi-year commitment of funding. ISHA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, making gifts tax-deductible.