ISHA Annual Awards Archive (1993-Present)


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1993 / First Eastern Gathering (Sugarbush, Vermont)

Sir Arnold Lunn, Lifetime Achievement Award for History

John Henry Auran, Lifetime Achievement Award for Journalism


1994 / Second Annual Gathering (Park City, Utah)

William Banks Berry, Lifetime Achievement Award for Journalism

James Laughlin, Lifetime Achievement Award for Journalism

Peter Miller, Lifetime Achievement Award for Journalism

E. John B. Allen, Ullr Award for From Skisport to Skiing

David Goodman, Ullr Award for Classic Backcountry Skiing

Rick Richards, Ullr Award for Ski Pioneers


1995 / Third Annual Gathering (Aspen, Colorado)

Bil Dunaway, Lifetime Achievement Award for Journalism

Dr. Jacob Vaage, Lifetime Achievement Award for History

James Sloan Allen, Ullr Award for Romance of Commerce and Culture

Dolores LaChapelle, Ullr Award for Deep Powder Snow

Friedl Pfeifer, Ullr Award for Nice Goin’: My Life on Skis

Martie Sterling, Ullr Award for Days of Stein and Roses


1996 / Fourth Annual Gathering (Stowe, Vermont)

John Fry, Lifetime Achievement Award for Journalism

Roland Palmedo, Lifetime Achievement Award for Journalism

Allen Adler, Ullr Award for New England and Thereabouts—A Ski Tracing

Miggs and Dick Durrance, Ullr Award for The Man on the Medal

Beth and George Gage, Ullr Award for Fire on the Mountain

Otto Lang, Ullr Award for A Bird of Passage

Glenn Parkinson, Ullr Award for First Tracks

1997 / Fifth Annual Gathering (Aspen, Colorado)

John Jay, Lifetime Achievement Award for Film Making

Gretchen Besser, Ullr Award for The National Ski Patrol: Samaritans of the Snow

Mary E. Hayes, Ullr Award for The Story of Aspen

Luanne Pfeiffer, Ullr Award for Gretchen’s Gold

Dick Barrymore, Lifetime Achievement Award in Film


1998 / Sixth Annual Gathering (Squaw Valley, California)

Roger Brown, Lifetime Achievement Award in Film

Barry Corbet, Lifetime Achievement Award in Film

Bill Tanler, Lifetime Achievement Award in Journalism

Louis Dawson, Ullr Award for Wild Snow

Robert Frohlich, Ullr Award for Mountain Dreamers

Edna Berg and Anna Cicale, Skade Award for Cold Smoke

Joy Lucas, Skade Award for It Started in the Mountains


1999 / Seventh Annual Gathering (Mont Tremblant, Quebec)

David Rowan, Lifetime Achievement Award in Journalism

Doug Pfeiffer, Lifetime Achievement Award in Journalism

Frankie O’Rear, Ullr Award for Chateau Bon Vivant, The Aspen Story, The Mont Tremblant Story

Wendolyn Holland, Ullr Award for Sun Valley: An Extraordinary History

Danielle Soucy, Skade Award for La Vallée de la Diable (The Devil’s River Valley)

Blais Arbique and Marc Blais, Skade Award for Mont Tremblant: Following the Dream


2000 / Eighth Annual Gathering (Banff, Alberta)

William Oscar Johnson, Lifetime Achievement Award in Journalism

Morten Lund, Lifetime Achievement Award In Journalism

Gene Rose, Ullr Award for Magic Yosemite Winters

Alan Engen, Ullr Award for For the Love of Skiing

Stan Cohen, Ullr Award for Downhill Skiing; The Games of ’36

Rodney Touche, Skade Award for Brown Cows, Sacred Cows


2001 / Ninth Annual Gathering (Sun Valley, Idaho)

Dick Dorworth, Lifetime Achievement Award in Journalism

Peter Seibert, Ullr Award for Vail: Triumph of a Dream

Dick Hauserman, Ullr Award for The Inventors of Vail

Ellie Huggins and Dan Wendkin, Special Award for Publishing

Bill Wilson, Skade Award for Challenging the Mountain: The Life and Times of
Wendell Robie


2002 / Tenth Annual Gathering (Vail, Colorado)

Charley Meyers, Lifetime Achievement Award in Journalism

Mary E. Hayes, Ullr Award for The Aspen Story

The Red Birds Ski Club, Ullr Award for The Trail Breakers

Bernard Mergen, Skade Award for Snow In America

Catharine and Neil McKenty, Skade Award for Skiing Legends and the
Laurentian Club


2003 / 11th Annual Gathering (Deer Valley, Utah)

Bill Grout, Lifetime Achievement Award in Publishing

Mike Korologos, Lifetime Achievement Award in Journalism

Allen Engen, Ullr Award for First Tracks: 100 Years of Skiing in Utah

Alex Kelner, Ullr Award for Skiing in Utah

Michel Beaudry, Ullr Award for Against All Odds: Whistler

David Gonzales, Ullr Award for Jackson Hole: On a Grand Scale

Tom Bie, Ullr Award for Steamboat Springs: Ski Town USA

Greg Thompson, Ullr Award for First Tracks: A Century of Skiing in Utah

Ingrid Wicken, Skade Award for Pray for Snow


2004 / 12th Annual Gathering (Mammoth, California)

Warren Miller, Lifetime Achievement Award in Film

Carson White, Lifetime Achievement Award in Journalism

Martin Forstenzer, Ullr Award for Mammoth, the Sierra Legend

Gary Schwartz, Ullr Award for Skiing Literature and The Art of Skiing.

Sonja Stallions, Ullr Award for A Rough Way to Ride Between Sky and Earth

Peter Shelton, Ullr Award for Climb to Conquer

Seth Masia, Cyber Award for


2005 / 13th Annual Gathering (Stowe, Vermont)

Dick Needham, Lifetime Achievement Award in Journalism

Henry Yaple, Ullr Award for Ski Bibliography

Peter Oliver, Ullr Award for Stowe: A New England Classic

Charles Sanders, Ullr Award for The Boys of Winter

Irv Naylor, Skade Award for Ski Roundtop – 40 Years of Excellence

Rick Moulton and Ian Scully, Film Award for Legacy: Austria’s Alpine Ambassadors


2006 / 14th Skiing Heritage Week (Vail, Colorado)

Nick Howe, Lifetime Achievement Award in Journalism

Karen Lorentz, Lifetime Achievement Award in Journalism

Bill Briggs, Special Award in Traditional Ski Song

Bob Parker, Ullr Award for What Did You Do in the War, Dad?

Roger Brown, Ullr Award for Requiem for the West

Jack McEnany, Ullr Award for Ski Fast, Be Good, Have Fun

David Rowan, ISHA Service Award

Lisa Olken, Film Award for Ski! A Century of Colorado Skiing


2007 / 15th Skiing Heritage Week (Vail, Colorado)

Joe Jay Jalbert, Lifetime Achievement Award in Film

John Fry, Ullr Award for The Story of Modern Skiing

Cal Conniff, Skade Award for Skiing In Massachusetts

Jeff Leich, Curatorial Award, New England Ski Museum

Morten Lund, ISHA Service Award


2008 / 16th Skiing Heritage Week (Aspen, Colorado)

E. John B. Allen, Ullr Award for The Culture and Sport of Skiing From Antiquity to World War II

Byron Rempel, Ullr Award for No Limits: The Amazing Life of Rhoda and Rhona Wurtele, Canada’s Olympian Skiing Pioneers

Rick Moulton, ISHA Film Award for Ski Sentinels: The Story of the National Ski Patrol

Ingrid Wicken, Skade Award for Skiing in Southern California

FIS/Gunter Witt, ISHA Service Award for Skiing in the Fine Arts

Bill Kerig, ISHA Film Award for Steep

Greg Stump, ISHA Lifetime Achievement Award in Film

John Christie, Skade Award for The Story of Sugarloaf


2009 / 17th Skiing Heritage Week (Mammoth, California)

E. John B. Allen, Lifetime Achievement Award in Ski History

Dick Barrymore, Lifetime Achievement Award in Film

Paul Ryan, Lifetime Achievement Award in Film and Photography

Mary Kerr, Skade Award for A Mountain Love Affair: The Story of Mad River Glen

Nils Larsen, ISHA Film Award for Skiing in the Shadow of Genghis Kahn
Robin Morning, Skade Award for Tracks of Passion: Eastern Sierra Skiing, Dave
McCoy, and Mammoth Mountain

Jeremy Davis, Cyber Award for The New England Lost Ski Areas Project

Roland Huntford, Ullr Award for Two Planks and a Passion


2010 / 18th Skiing Heritage Week (Park City, Utah)

David Antonucci, Ullr Award for Snowball’s Chance: The Story of the 1960 Winter Games

Karin Rase, Ullr Award for Skiing in Art and Design

Henry Purcell, Skade Award for Portillo: The Spirit of the Andes

Chic Scott, Skade Award for Deep Powder and Steep Rock: The Life of Mountain Guide Hans Gmoser

Lowell Skoog, Cyber Award for

Steinar Hybertsen, Film Award for Norwegian Ski Legends


2011 / 19th Annual Skiing Heritage Week (Sun Valley, Idaho)

Tim Ryan, Lifetime Achievement Award for Broadcast Journalism

Dick Dorworth, Ullr Award for The Perfect Turn–And Other Tales of Skiing and Skiers

Steven L. Waterhouse, Ullr Award for Passion for Skiing

Kitzbühel Ski Club, Ullr Award for Hahnenkamm: The Chronicle of a Myth, 100 Years of the Kitzbühel Ski Club

E. John B. Allen and Egon Theiner, 100 Years of International Skiing

European Broadcasting Union, Film Award for 100 Years FIS

Dave Irons, Skade Award for Sunday River

James Benelli, Skade Award for Ski Tales: The History of China Peak and Sierra Summit


2012 / 20th Annual Skiing Heritage Week (Vail, Colorado)

Billy Kidd, Lifetime Achievement Award for Broadcast Journalism

Van Gordon Sauter and Laurie Sammis (Mandala Media LLC),
Skade Award for The Sun Valley Story

Jeremy Davis, Skade Award for Lost Ski Areas of the Adirondacks

K2 Sports and Jeff Galbraith (Funny Feelings LLC), Ullr Award
for Fifty Years of Serious Fun

Michael W. Childers, Ullr Award for Colorado Powder Keg

Stephen Waterhouse, Lisa Densmore and Rick Moulton, Film Award for

Passion for Snow

Roger Brown, Film Award for Vail: The Rise of America’s Iconic Ski Resort

2013 / 21st Annual Skiing Heritage Week (Seattle, Washington)

Bob Beattie, Lifetime Achievement Award for Broadcasting

Bob Cram, Lifetime Achievement Award for Illustrated Ski Humor

Michel Achard, Ullr Award for La Connaissance du Ski en France Avant 1890 (Knowledge of Skis and Skiing in France Before 1890)

Richard Rossmann, Film Award for Ski Heil: When Two Boards Meant the World

Meghan McCarthy McPhaul, Skade Award for A History of Cannon Mountain: Tales, Trails and Ski Legends

Jeffrey R. Leich, Skade Award for Over the Headwall: The Ski History of Tuckerman Ravine

Carol Lee Anderson, Skade Award for The History of Gunstock: Skiing in the Belknap Mountains

Jon Tullis, Skade Award for Timberline Lodge: A Love Story


2014 / 22nd Annual Skiing History Week (Park City, Utah)

Michael Horn, Lifetime Achievement Award for Broadcasting

Stan Cohen, Skade Award for Downhill in Montana: Early Day Skiing in the Treasure State

Peter Southwell-Keely, Skade Award for Highway to Heaven

Margaret Fuller, Doug Fuller and Jerry Painter, Skade Award for Ski the Great Potato

Eddy Starr Ancinas, Skade Award for Tales from Two Valleys: Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows

Lucy Walker, Film Award for Crash Reel

Greg Stump, Film Award for Legend of Aahhh’s

Margaret Supplee Smith, Ullr Award for American Ski Resort: Architecture, Style, Experience

Jon Vegard Lunde, Ullr Award for From Heming the Younger to Hemingway


2015 / 23rd Annual Skiing History Week (Steamboat Springs, Colorado)

Willy Bogner, Lifetime Achievement Award for Filmmaking

Michael Lütscher, Ullr Award for Snow, Sun and Stars

Dr. Max Amstutz, Ullr Award for The Golden Age of Alpine Skiing

William D. Frank, Ullr Award for Everyone to Skis!

Halvor Kleppen, Ullr Award for De Kalde Lekene

William Philpott, Skade Award for Vacationland

Jeremy Davis, Skade Award for Lost Ski Areas of the Northern Adirondacks

Ingrid Wicken, Skade Award for Lost Ski Areas of Southern California

Matt Conway, Skade Award for Treble Cone

Brian Gilmore, Film Award for Dog Days of Winter


2016 / 24th Annual Skiing History Week (Aspen, Colorado)

Greg Lewis, Lifetime Achievement Award for Broadcasting

Karin Berg, Lifetime Achievement Award for Museum Curation

Karin Berg, Ullr Award for Fra Første Stavtak: Skistavens historie (From the Start: The History of Ski Poles)

Marit Stub Nybelius and Annette R. Hofmann, Ullr Award for License to Jump! A Story of Women’s Ski Jumping

Warren Miller, Ullr Award for Freedom Found (edited by Andy Bigford)

Nathaniel Vinton, Ullr Award for The Fall Line: How American Ski Racers Conquered a Sport on the Edge

Otmar Schöner, Ullr Award for Mathias Zdarsky: und die Bahnbrecher im alpinen Schnee (Mathias Zdarsky: Pioneer of Alpine Skiing)

Kitzbüheler Ski Club, Skade Award for Chronicle of a Myth II: The Hahnenkamm Races (Chronik eines Mythos II: Veranstalter Hahnenkamm-Rennen)

Tim Nicklas & Winter Park Resort, Skade Award for Winter Park Resort: 75 Years of Imagining More

Halvor Kleppen, Skade Award for Snowshoe Thompson: Jon Fra Tinn (Jon From Tinn)

Mike Douglas, Leslie Anthony and Penelope Buswell, Skade Award for the book and video package Whistler/Blackcomb: 50 Years of Going Beyond

Isak Lidström, Skade Award Honorable Mention for Zorn, kyrkloppen och idrottsrörelsen (Zorn, Church Races and the Sports Movement)

Roger Brown and Garrett Edquist, Film Award Honorable Mention for Jackson Hole Skiing Pioneers


2017 / 25th Annual Skiing History Week (Stowe, Vermont)

Gary Black, Lifetime Achievement Award for Journalism (Ski Racing)

John Caldwell, Lifetime Achievement Award for Journalism (Cross-Country Ski Book)

Frank Cochoy, Ullr Award for Une Histoire du Ski

Chris Diamond, Ullr Award for Ski Inc.

Andrew Denning, Ullr Award for Skiing Into Modernity

Daniel Svennson, Ullr Award for Scientizing Performance in Endurance Sports

Thor Gotaas, Skade Award for Birken


2018 / 26th Annual Skiing History Days (Squaw Valley, California)

Shan Zhaojian (China), Lifetime Achievement Award for Research

Philip Palmedo, Ullr Award for Roland Palmedo: A Life of Adventure and Enterprise

Peter Shelton, Ullr Award for Tracks in the Snow: Stories From a Life on Skis

Stan Cohen, Skade Award for From TV Mountain/Snow Park to Missoula/Montana Snowbowl: 62 Years of Skiing in Missoula

John Lundin, Skade Award for Early Skiing on Snoqualmie Pass 

Ingrid Wicken, Skade Award for 50 Years of Flight: Ski Jumping in California 1900–1950

Pierre Dumas, Cyber Award for The Repertoire des Sites de Ski du Quebec (Historical Directory of Quebec Ski Areas)

2019 / 27th Annual Skiing History Days (Park City, Utah)

Connie Nelson, Lifetime Achievement Award for Museum Curation

Chas Keys, Skade Award for Thredbo: Pioneers, Legends, Community

Dr. John Dougoveto, Skade Award for Pine Mountain Ski Jump: History of Ski Jumping in the Iron Mountain-Kingsford Area

Linda Bonar, Skade Award for Avalanche Busters: Historical Memoir of the Snowbird and Alta Ski Patrols

Scott Andrews, Skade Award for A Century on Skis: First 100 Years of the Chisholm Ski Club of Rumford, Maine

Cris M. Currie, Skade Award for Spokane's History of Skiing, 1913-2018

John Moore, Skade Award for A History of Aspen Highlands: Where Have All the Characters Gone?

Megan Roberts, Skade Award for Titcomb: A Mountain of Memories

Peggy Shinn, Ullr Award for World Class: The Making of the U.S. Women's Cross-Country Ski Team

Karen Crouse, Ullr Award for Norwich: One Tiny Vermont Town's Secret to Happiness and Excellence

Jürg Hess, Ullr Award for Die Skibindungen im Wandel der Zeit

2020 / 28th Annual ISHA Awards (presented online)

Der Schneehase and the Swiss Academic Ski Club, Lifetime Achievement Award for publishing

The Holding Family of Sun Valley, Special Award for Stewardship

Bill Frank and John Allen, Ullr Award for Skis in the Art of War (translated from K.B.E.E. Eimeleus)

Rudolf Mullner and Christof Thoeny, editors, Ullr Award for Skispuren (Ski Tracks: International Conference on the History of Winter Sports)

Philipp Strobl and Aneta Podkalicka, editors, Ullr Award for Leisure Cultures and the Making of Modern Ski Resorts

Arthur Stegen, Skade Award for Unique and Unknown: The Story of Biathlon in the United States

Isak Lidstrom, Skade Award for Heja Persson: Samisk triumf i Vasaloppet (Go Persson! Saami triumph in the Vasaloppet)

Jeremy Davis, Skade Award for Lost Ski Areas of the Berkshires

Chris Diamond with Andy Bigford, Baldur Award for Ski Inc 2020

James Niehues and Jason Blevens, Baldur Award for The Man Behind the Maps: Legendary Ski Artist James Niehues

Meredith Erikson, Baldur Award for Alpine Cooking: Recipes and Stories from Europe's Grand Mountaintops

Patrick Creadon, Joseph Berry Jr, Jeff Conroy and Christine O'Malley, Film Award for Ski Bum: The Warren Miller Story

Anthony Lahout and Nick Martini, Film Award for North Country

Patrick Thorne, Cyber Award for

2021 / 29th Annual ISHA Awards (presented online)

Maurice Isserman, Ullr Award for The Winter Army

Janez Kavar, Ullr Award for Americani na Magartu 1945

Maurice Woerhlé, Ullr Award for Peuples du Ski

Donald A. Johnston, Skade Award for Hotel Kosciusko

John W. Lundin, Skade Award for Skiing Sun Valley, from the Union Pacific to the Holdings

Robin Morning, Skade Award for For the Love of It, The Mammonth Legacy of Roma and Dave McCoy

Cathleen Norman with Alan Henceroth, Skade Award for Arapahoe Basin

Nancy Stone, Skade Award for Buck Hill: Let's Give It a Whirl

Martin Rhomberg and Christof Thöny, Skade Award for Sichtbar, Eugen Heimhuber’s photos of the Arlberg, 1900 to 1930

Ingrid Wicken, Skade Award for Lost Ski Areas of Tahoe and Donner

Jimmy Petterson, Baldur Award for Skiing Around the World II

Kate Leimbuehler, Jeremy Snyder and Hans Rosenwinkel, Film Award for “Fresh Tracks"

Claire Abbe Brown, Scott Lyons and Susie Theis, Film Award for “The American Downhiller"

2022 / 30th Annual ISHA Awards (Sun Valley, Idaho)

Jeff Leich, Lifetime Achievement Award for Research, Writing and Museum Stewardship

E. John B. Allen, Ullr Award for Skiing: In the Eye of the Artist

Ingrid Christophersen, Ullr Award for To Heaven's Heights: An Anthology of Skiing in Literature

Dan Egan & Eric Wilbur, Ullr Award for Thirty Years in a White Haze: Dan Egan's Story of Worldwide Adventure and the Evolution of Extreme Skiing

John Morton, Ullr Award for Celebrate Winter: An Olympian's Stories of a Life in Nordic Skiing

David Goodman, Skade Award for Best Backcountry Skiing in the Northeast: Fifty Classic Ski and Snowboard Tours in New England and New York

John W. Lundin, Skade Award for Ski Jumping in Washington State: A Nordic Tradition

Kevin O'Connor, Skade Award for Harris Hill Ski Jump: The First 100 Years

Chic Scott, Skade Award for Mount Assiniboine: The Story (The John Fry Award for Excellence)

Lowell Skoog, Skade Award for Written in the Snows: Across Time on Skis in the Pacific Northwest

Paul G. Ryan, Baldur Award for Way Out West: The Skiing Years

Christin Cooper, Mike Hundert, Mark Tache, Edith Thys Morgan and Hayden Scott, Film Award for Spider Lives

Allesandra Ravanelli, Hadmar Charlie Mayer and Markus Knaus, Film Award for 120 Years Ski Club Arlberg

Jeremy Grant and Drew Holt, Film Award for In Pursuit of Soul

Fernando Villena and Ben Bryan, Film Award for Dear Rider: The Jake Burton Story

2023 / 31 Annual ISHA Awards (Big Sky Resort, Montana)

Christin Cooper, Lifetime Achievement Award for Broadcasting

Ariel Picton Kobayashi, Skade Award for Ski Jumping in the Northeast: Small Towns and Big Dreams

E. John B. Allen, Skade Award for Traveling the Old Ski Tracks of New England

Donald Johnson, Skade Award for Provenance in the Snowfields: 40 Years of the Dulmison Ski Club, Australia

Ryan Rogers, Skade Award for Winter's Children: A Celebration of Nordic Skiing (John Fry Award for Excellence)

Lindsey Vonn, Baldur Award for Rise: My Story

Heather Hansman, Ullr Award for Powder Days: Ski Bums, Ski Towns and the Future of Chasing Snow

Thomas Busset and Peter Engel, Ullr Award for Surmonter Les Frontieres a Ski

Skyler Bailey, Ullr Award for Heroes in Good Company: L Company, 86th Regiment, 10th Mountain Division, 1943-1945

Andreas Praher, Ullr Award for Osterreichs Skisport im National-soziolismus

Sue Wymass and the US Olympic Women Cross-Country Skiers, Ullr Award for Trail to Gold: The Journey of 53 Women Skiers 1972-2018

Coolfire Studios, Film Award for Magic in the Mountains

Olympic Channel, Film Award for Picabo