Henry Yaple's Ski Bibliography

Henry M. Yaple, the chief librarian at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Wash., spent 11 years assembling a massive bibliography of skiing. The goal was to list every book, dissertation, film video and piece of software published on skiing, in English, between 1890 and 2002.

The resulting two-volume work, comprising 732 pages, was published by ISHA in 2004. It lists more than 7,000 items.

How to Use Ski Bibliography

Information in Ski Bibliography can be found through multiple access points.

SUBJECT INDEX: There are three subject indices: NORDIC, ALPINE and COMBINED. These indices are located in Volume I, xxiv-xxvi and Volume II, xxxi respectively. Citations in the NORDIC Index are concerned with skis and skiing where the skier's heel is not fixed or attached to the ski. Citations in the ALPINE Index are concerned with skis and skiing where the skier's heel is fixed or attached to the ski. Citations in the COMBINED Index concentrate primarily upon the business or industry of skiing, and may apply either to nordic skiing, alpine skiing or both.

The various sub-categories of the NORDIC, ALPINE and COMBINED indices are derived from the subject matter of the actual works listed. For example, there are works listed under NORDIC/Trails, ALPINE/Lifts, and COMBINED/Market Research.

The entries or citations in Ski Bibliography are numbered consecutively so that each entry has its own discrete or unique number. The numerical range of items are listed for each sub-category in the respective subject indices. For example, NORDIC/Autobiographies covers items 2 through 15. ALPINE/Film covers items 1487 through 2123, and COMBINED/Fiction covers items 4937 through 5166.

NORDIC Bibliography section contains all entries on nordic skiing from item 1 to 1137 in Volume I.

ALPINE Bibliography section contains all entries on alpine skiing from items 1138 to 4372 in Volume I.

COMBINED Bibliography section contains all entries from items 4373 to 7183 in Volume II.

Within the NORDIC, ALPINE, and COMBINED bibliography sections respectively, the subject sub-categories are arranged alphabetically, and the within each sub-category the entries are arranged chronologically by publishing or release date. Within each year, the entries are arranged alphabetically by author or by title if an author is lacking.

SERIALS Bibliography section is arranged alphabetically by title. This section of the bibliography contains entries from items 7,184 to 7,617 in Volume II.

AUTHOR Index contains a list of all authors, editors, illustrators, photographers, producers, directors, writers included in the bibliography. It is arranged alphabetically, and each name carries the number(s) of the citation(s) in the bibliography to which it refers.

TITLE Index contains a list of all titles included in the bibliography. It is arranged alpha-betically, and each title carries the number(s) of the citation(s) to which it refers in the bibliography.

e Primary Ksort descending Secondary Di Author 1 Title Publication Date Issue
3272 Alpine Technique Engen, Alf Alf Engen Presents Fine Points Of Skiing California:Union Oil Company, 1958 unpaged. Illus.
3398 Alpine Technique Editors of Ski Magazine Ski Magazine's Expert Tips For Better Skiing New York: Harper & Row, 1972 275 p. illus.
3525 Alpine Technique Baird, George C. Skiing By Jorge Boise:Jorge Publishing Company, 1987 225 p. illus.
3649 Alpine Video Jalbert Productions Helix New York:Jalbert Productions, 1977 VHS22 - 28 min.
3776 Alpine Video Masia, Seth Learn To Ski Irvine, CA: Karl Lorimar Home Video, 1986 VHS55 min
3902 Alpine Video National Ski Patrol System History And Physical Examination Lakewood, CO: National Ski Patrol System 1989 VHS 16 min
4029 Alpine Video Gibson, Harvey Dow Ski Larks Franconia, NH: New England Ski Museum, 1993 VHS 20 min
4154 Alpine Video Chrzanowski, Peter The Spirit Granada Hills, CA:MCI, 1997 VHS 60 min.
4281 Alpine Video Jones, Todd The Prophecy Teton Village, WY:Teton Gravity Research, 2002 DVD60 min
1223 Alpine Autobiography Stark, Peter Driving To Greenland Short Hills:Burford Books, 1998 192 p.
1346 Alpine Children Sjostrom, M. editor Kids In The Middle Gorham, NH:Author, 1988
1471 Alpine Equipment Goldsmith, David The Well-Equiped Skier London:Ski Club of Great Britain, 1984 24 p.
1597 Alpine Film Foeger, Luggi Ski Pro's Holiday Hollywood, CA:Telefilm, 1948? Color & sound
1724 Alpine Film Coty, Victor Snow Wings Stowe, VT:Victor Coty, 1959? Color
1850 Alpine Film Edwards, Harvey Haute Route Chamonix, France:Edwards Films, 1969? 16 mm.26 min.
1977 Alpine Film Maury Hurley Enterprises Winter Park Ski Corporation Los Angeles, CA; Maury Hurley Enterprises, 1976 16 mm.16 min
2103 Alpine Film Begin, Christian No Man's Land 1998
2234 Alpine Guide Winter Sports Guide: California, 1960 San Francisco, CA: 1959 12 p. illus.
2361 Alpine Guide Deutscher Skiverband Ski Atlas 1982 Ostfildern:Mairs Graphischer Verlag, 1982 xv, 759 p. illus. m
2487 Alpine Guide Leocha, Charles Ski America'94 Hampstead, NH:World Leisure Corp., 1993 471 p. illus. maps