Henry Yaple Ski Bibliography

Henry M. Yaple, the chief librarian at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Wash., spent 11 years assembling a massive bibliography of skiing. The goal was to list every book, dissertation, film video and piece of software published on skiing, in English, between 1890 and 2002.

The resulting two-volume work, comprising 732 pages, was published by ISHA in 2004. It lists more than 7,000 items.

How to Use Ski Bibliography

Information in Ski Bibliography can be found through multiple access points.

SUBJECT INDEX: There are three subject indices: NORDIC, ALPINE and COMBINED. These indices are located in Volume I, xxiv-xxvi and Volume II, xxxi respectively. Citations in the NORDIC Index are concerned with skis and skiing where the skier's heel is not fixed or attached to the ski. Citations in the ALPINE Index are concerned with skis and skiing where the skier's heel is fixed or attached to the ski. Citations in the COMBINED Index concentrate primarily upon the business or industry of skiing, and may apply either to nordic skiing, alpine skiing or both.

The various sub-categories of the NORDIC, ALPINE and COMBINED indices are derived from the subject matter of the actual works listed. For example, there are works listed under NORDIC/Trails, ALPINE/Lifts, and COMBINED/Market Research.

The entries or citations in Ski Bibliography are numbered consecutively so that each entry has its own discrete or unique number. The numerical range of items are listed for each sub-category in the respective subject indices. For example, NORDIC/Autobiographies covers items 2 through 15. ALPINE/Film covers items 1487 through 2123, and COMBINED/Fiction covers items 4937 through 5166.

NORDIC Bibliography section contains all entries on nordic skiing from item 1 to 1137 in Volume I.

ALPINE Bibliography section contains all entries on alpine skiing from items 1138 to 4372 in Volume I.

COMBINED Bibliography section contains all entries from items 4373 to 7183 in Volume II.

Within the NORDIC, ALPINE, and COMBINED bibliography sections respectively, the subject sub-categories are arranged alphabetically, and the within each sub-category the entries are arranged chronologically by publishing or release date. Within each year, the entries are arranged alphabetically by author or by title if an author is lacking.

SERIALS Bibliography section is arranged alphabetically by title. This section of the bibliography contains entries from items 7,184 to 7,617 in Volume II.

AUTHOR Index contains a list of all authors, editors, illustrators, photographers, producers, directors, writers included in the bibliography. It is arranged alphabetically, and each name carries the number(s) of the citation(s) in the bibliography to which it refers.

TITLE Index contains a list of all titles included in the bibliography. It is arranged alpha-betically, and each title carries the number(s) of the citation(s) to which it refers in the bibliography.

e Primary K Secondary Di Sort descending Author 1 Title Publication Date Issue
1138 Alpine Ability Testing Street, Richard Herbert Measurement Of Achievement In Skiing 1957 118 lvs.
1139 Alpine Ability Testing Fellows, Marguerite Ann Ski Knowledge Test 1959 20 lvs.
1140 Alpine Ability Testing Gregory, William Bres The Development Of A Skill Achievement Test For Beginning 1977 127 lvs. illus
1141 Alpine Ability Testing McGinnis, Peter Martin Skills Tests For Discrimination of Alpine Skiing Ability 1981 111 lvs. illus
1142 Alpine Ability Testing Foster, Richard James Relationships Of Berg And Tal And Other Field Tests To Alpin 1984 88 lvs. illus.
1143 Alpine Ability Testing Robitaille, Claude Alpine Skier Evaluation Program 1985 27 p.
1144 Alpine Ability Testing Andersen, R.E. An On-Site Test Battery To Evaluate Giant Slalom Skiing Perf 1988 89 lvs. Illus.
1 Nordic Ability Testing Millerhagan, Jay O. A Laboratory Assessment Specific To Nordic Skiing 1981 xii, 103 lvs. illus.
1145 Alpine Ability Testing Hoffman, Carol The Development And Content Validity Of A New Preschool S 1995 52 lvs. illus
1146 Alpine Ability Testing Young, Ben An Analysis Of The Diagnostic And Prescriptive Expertise Of L 1999 113 lvs.
4373 Combined Academic Curri Weed, Luell A. Co-recreational Skiing In Colleges And Universities 1947 55 p. illus
4374 Combined Academic Curri Stowe, Myra Katherine A Survey Of Skiing In Women's Physical Education Departme 1952 1 v.
4375 Combined Academic Curri Gorschow, Kenneth Michael A Comparative Study Of Ski Programs Offered To Male Stude 1955 148 p. illus.
4376 Combined Academic Curri Snyder, Hubert Leroy The Organization Of High School Skiing 1956 30 lvs. map
4377 Academic Curri Sullivan, June Ann Documentation Of A Parent Sponsored Curriculum Alternativ 1980 79 lvs. & videoca
4378 Combined Accident Invest National Ski Areas Association Ski Area Accident Investigations 1985 [51] p. forms.
4379 Combined Annual Reports Stratton Corporation, Stratton Mountain Vermont Annual Report 19??
4380 Combined Annual Reports The Montreal Ski Club Annual Report Of The Montreal Ski Club 1917 34 p. illus.
4381 Combined Annual Reports The Montreal Ski Club Annual ReportOf The Montreal Ski Club 1919 39 p. illus.
4382 Combined Annual Reports National Ski Patrol System Annual Report Of The National Ski Patrol System 1940 64 p.
4383 Combined Annual Reports Sun Valley Ski Club (Sun Valley, Idaho) Sun Valley Ski Club Presents The . . .Annual And Its. . .Ye 1941? Annual
4384 Combined Annual Reports Ski Club of Great Britain Annual Report Ski Club Of Great Britain 1949- Annual
4385 Combined Annual Reports Y.M.C.A. Ski Club of Canberra Resume of The President's Report/Y.M.C.A. Ski Club Of Canbe 1955--?
4386 Combined Annual Reports Sherburne Corporation Annual Report 1964 Annual
4387 Combined Annual Reports Victorian Ski Association Annual Report 1980- "From 1985 published as an issue of Southern Skier"