NASTAR: Setting a New Standard

NASTAR, the world's largest recreational racing program, began 50 years ago when this editor wanted to introduce the equivalent of golf's par to the sport of skiing.

The environment for people learning to ski has varied little over the years. Ungainly tip-crossing neophytes are herded into classes of eight to a dozen students. After a day, or perhaps five days, they emerge skilled enough to achieve what they want: to descend the mountain on pleasant trails, while enjoying the scenery and the company of friends. 

Best Ski Poster Sales in 10 Years

Record prices and active bidding at annual Swann auction

By Everett Potter

There were rarities, blue-chip images and even a few outliers at the annual Vintage Posters auction at Swann Galleries in Manhattan on March 1, where several dozen original ski posters claimed the attention of serious bidders from around the world. Foremost among the rarer images was an early poster from Davos from 1901, depicting both winter and summer pursuits in the fledgling Swiss mountain resort.

Ester Ledecka: Queen of the 2018 Olympics

Ester Ledecka broke a training barrier and cross a cultural divide.

By Seth Masia

When Ester Ledecka astonished the world, and herself, by winning Olympic gold in both Super G and parallel snowboard GS, she became the first woman to win in two different sports at one Olympics. It was not only an historic event. Ledecka also fused two frequently combative cultures, skiing and snowboarding, once at war with one another.

Legendary film maker

Warren’s movies were an annual event where you met old buddies that you hadn’t seen since the last ski season. Having spent the previous winter shooting action in mountains from New Zealand to New Hampshire, he now dragged his weary body over from a nearby Howard Johnson Inn to present the captivating images and the tomfool escapades he’d been engaged in. He sold the tickets, talked through a microphone to the audience, and often ran the projector himself. The moviegoers then went happily home, infused with the desire to return to the slopes as soon as the first snow fell.

To preserve skiing history and increase awareness of the sport’s heritage.

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