Legendary film maker

Warren’s movies were an annual event where you met old buddies that you hadn’t seen since the last ski season. Having spent the previous winter shooting action in mountains from New Zealand to New Hampshire, he now dragged his weary body over from a nearby Howard Johnson Inn to present the captivating images and the tomfool escapades he’d been engaged in. He sold the tickets, talked through a microphone to the audience, and often ran the projector himself. The moviegoers then went happily home, infused with the desire to return to the slopes as soon as the first snow fell.

You're invited: ISHA Awards Banquet: Squaw Valley, March 23, 2018

ISHA Awards Banquet at Squaw Valley, March 23, 2018

Mark your calendar

The International Skiing History Association's 26th Annual Awards Banquet will be held at Squaw Valley's Olympic Village Dining Hall, the historic mess hall for athletes at the 1960 Winter Olympics.

ISHA partners with the U.S. Ski Team's NASTAR Finals, to celebrate NASTAR's 50th Anniversary. The recreational standard racing program launched in 1967, created by SKI Magazine and its editor, John Fry.

Origin Story: Where did skiing begin?

Photo Caption: On April 19, 2017, The New York Times published an article by Kade Krichko titled “China’s Stone Age Skiers and History’s Harsh Lessons.” The article recounts the history of skiing in China’s remote Altai Mountains and the efforts to preserve its traditions while fostering a modern ski and tourism industry. The piece was prominently featured in print and online and likely reached more than one million readers.

L'hiver de Killy, jamais égalisé

Killy gagne le descente Wengen

Sa saison 1967 est un plus grand exploit que son triplé olympique. Dans une interview exclusive, Jean-Claude Killy se souvient de la première saison de la Coupe du monde, il ya 50 ans, quand il a remporté 12 des 17 courses, y compris toutes les descentes, et a terminé sur le podium dans 89% des courses qu'il a entrées, un record qui n'a jamais été surpassé.

Interview de Yves Perret, Skiing History Magazine, 2017.

Making it Great Again!

In November 2016, 16,000 fans attended a World Cup alpine ski race in New England, where love of the sport has never waned. By JOHN FRY

Last November was a transformative month. . . not only for politics, but possibly for American skiing. In politics, a neglected bunch of underemployed voters, largely unobserved and resentful of political correctness and diversity, had grown skeptical of the Establishment’s message and mission. The result was an electoral surprise. 


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