Skiing History's top ten women alpine racers

Years (shown below in parentheses) represent the period when the athlete competed internationally.


Christl Cranz


Christl Cranz (Germany, 1934–1939): 15 World Championship medals, 2 Olympic medals*

Nancy Greene (Canada, 1960–1968): 3 Olympic medals, winner of the first two overall women’s World Cup titles, 14 World Cup wins.*

Marielle Goitschel

Marielle Goitschel (France, 1962–1968): 9 World Championship medals (including 2 Olympic), 7 World Cup wins*

Annemarie Moser-Proell (Austria, 1968–1980): 9 World Championship medals (including 3 Olympic), 62 World Cup wins, 6 overall titles (record for men and women)

Hanni Wenzel

Hanni Wenzel (Liechtenstein, 1974–1984): 9 World Championship medals (including 4 Olympic), 33 World Cup wins, 2 overall titles 

Erika Hess (Switzerland,1980–1987): 7 World Championship  medals (including 1 Olympic), 31 World Cup wins, 2 overall titles

Erika Hess

Vreni Schneider (Switzerland, 1986–1995): 9 World Championship medals (including 5 Olympic), 56 World Cup wins, 3 overall titles

Janica Kostelic (Croatia, 1998–2007): 6 Olympic, 5 World Championship medals, 30 World Cup wins, 3 overall titles

Anja Paerson (Sweden, 1998–2012): 6 Olympic, 9 World Championship medals, 42 World Cup wins, 2 overall titles

Lindsey Vonn (USA, 2000– ): 2 Olympic medals, 6 World Championship medals, 65 World Cup wins as of March 15 (record), 4 overall titles 

* Cranz, Greene and Goitschel competed in years before the 1967 introduction of the World Cup. The first women's World Alpine Ski Championships were held in 1931.

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