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The following article was published in the Chinese “Altay News” on March 28, 2018:

The International Skiing History Association held its 2018 ISHA Week in Squaw Valley, California on March 19-23, 2018. Mr. Shan Zhaojian of China received ISHA’s 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award, the highest award given at the award ceremony on March 23. ISHA recognized him as the “father of modern skiing” in China.

Over one hundred scholars, former athletes and devoted ski industry veterans who have contributed to ski history in journalism, photography, film, radio and television from different parts of the world gathered together for this annual award ceremony. ISHA president Mr. Seth Masia presented the award to Mr. Shan Zhaojian. In his acceptance speech, Mr. Shan expressed his profound gratitude for this honor and promised to continue his efforts in promoting the ancient ski culture.

Mr. Shan Zhaojian has been passionate about the skiing since his childhood years and became China’s first National Nordic Champion in the 1950s. Since his retirement he has continuously devoted his time to promoting the sport. In the last decade, he has led the research into the history and origin of skiing in the Altay region of China. With his extensive effort in searching for the ancient origin of skiing, he presented evidence showing that the ancient skiing culture might be from the Altay Prefecture in Xinjiang, China. Thus the study concluded that “Altay is original rising sun of human skiing place.” Mr. Ayiken Jaishan -assistant to Mr. Shan — demonstrated a pair of ancient wooden skis, wrapped in horse hair, used by humans for hunting in ancient China. The Chinese delegation received a standing ovation for their presence at the ceremony.

Mr. Shan is China’s first National Skiing Champion and has engaged in skiing sports for over 60 years. He served as director of skiing department of National Sports Committee in China, Secretary General of Chinese Skiing Association and the Technical Director of Asian Winter Biathlonunion Skiing Department. He also was the technical adviser of Chinese Skiing Associations, vice president of ski area management, and head coach of northern ski areas in China. He was inducted as honorable citizen of Altay region.

Mr. Shan currently sits on the Professional Committee of Ice and Snow Culture for Popular Culture Society of China, he also serves as consultant for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

The International Skiing Organization awarded him a medal and certificate for his contribution to the world of skiing on March 5, 2010. At the 2017 Winter Olympics, Mr. Shan received an award as an outstanding contribution to “Friend of Winter Olympics.”

Translated into English by ISHA director Betty Tung. Click here to see the original article, with photos:

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