Industry Exec, ISHA Stalwart

Ian Ferguson
Passing Date: July 14, 2015

Ian Ferguson died July 14 after a long battle with cancer. He was 78. Born in Lancaster, N.H., Ian grew up skiing at Cannon and North Conway, then attended Vermont Academy, where he skied on its prep-school championship team. He then raced for the University of Vermont, while teaching at the Sepp...

10th Mountain veteran and ski-museum director

H. Newcomb Eldredge
Passing Date: July 9, 2015

10th Mountain Division veteran H. Newcomb “Newc” Eldredge died on July 9, 2015. Born in Baltimore, Maryland on August 4, 1924, he spent his early years in Pittsford, New York. He attended Culver Military Academy in Indiana, then joined the 10th Mountain Division in 1944. Following training at Camp...

Prince, racer, engineer, salesman

Serge Gagarin
Passing Date: June 20, 2015

Serge Gagarin, who raced for Yale and went on to dual careers as an aviation engineer and a pioneer of aluminum skis, died on June 20 at age 95. A scion of Russian nobility, Prince Serge Serge Gagarin was born in Bedford, New York, in September, 1918, less than a year after the Bolshevik Revolution...

Aspen novelist, Downhill Racer screenwriter

James Salter
Passing Date: June 19, 2015

James Salter, 90, the “writer’s writer” who penned the screenplay for the film “Downhill Racer,” died June 19 in Sag Harbor, N.Y. Born James A. Horowitz in Passaic, N.J., he graduated West Point in 1945 and became an Air Force pilot. In Korea, he flew 100 combat missions in F-86 fighters, earning a...

Longtime Alta Lodge and NASTAR stalwart

Naomi Wain
Passing Date: June 14, 2015

Naomi Wain died on June 14, 2015 at age 93 while attending the Ojai Music Festival in California. After discovering skiing at age 40, Wain quickly became a well-loved fixture at the Alta Lodge in Utah for 50 years, staying there for two weeks each month during the ski season. Wain was a NASTAR...

Killy's mentor and ski guru

Michel Arpin
Passing Date: May 30, 2015

  Michel Arpin, 80, was a mythic figure in France, where he was coach and mentor to Jean-Claude Killy for several decades.   Born Dec. 29, 1935, in Ste-Foy Tarentaise, 10 miles downstream from Val d'Isère  to a family of hotelkeepers, Michel Arpin joined the French national ski team in 1956....

NCAA champion and 1952 nordic combined Olympian

Paul Wegemen
Passing Date: May 30, 2015

Alvin Paul Wegeman, a collegiate four-way champion and 1952 Olympian, died in Colorado Springs on May 30, 2015 at the age of 88. Born in Denver in 1927, Paul first strapped on skis at the age of three and began jumping when he was 13. As a teenager, he worked in his father’s ski shop and was a...

Influential Vermont ski instructor

Bill Jenkins
Passing Date: May 25, 2015

Bill Jenkins died on May 25, 2015 at age 90. He taught at six Vermont areas — from Snow Valley to Pico —and also co-founded Birdseye Mountain, managed five areas, and invented several ski lifts. He is best-known for his long career at Green Mountain College in Vermont, where he founded a ski-...

Influential ski instructor and author; sportswriter, autoracer

Denise McCluggage
Passing Date: May 6, 2015

Denise McCluggage, influential ski instructor and writer, died May 6, 2015, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She was 88. McCluggage grew up in El Dorado, Kansas, where she got her driver’s license at age 14. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Mills College in Oakland, California, then landed a job...

President of USSA, NESM

Bob Thomson
Passing Date: April 13, 2015

Robert B. Thomson, president of the New England Ski Museum from 1995 to 1997, died peacefully April 13, at his home in Brooksville, Maine. A lifelong skier and outdoor adventurer, Bob was active in skiing throughout his life as a competitor, coach, official and volunteer, serving as president of...