Richard and Carol Fallon - Prominent New Jersey Ski Shop Owners

Passing Date

Trailblazing New Jersey ski shop owners Dick and Carol Fallon passed away May 3 in their Scottsdale, Arizona, home. Dick was 93, and Carol was 87.


Just about any skier raised in New Jersey has ventured into a Ski Barn thanks to Dick and Carol Fallon. Starting with a single small store in Little Falls, New Jersey, in 1971, Ski Barn has grown into four locations throughout the state and is one of the dominant ski retail brands in the Northeast.


Their inspiration to venture into the ski retail trade in the early 1970s was a meteorological decision, of sorts. For many years, they ran a fan construction business. Since customers were scarce during the cold winter months in Northern New Jersey, they decided to open a ski shop and stop battling the weather. They never looked back.

With five children, they intuitively brought a parent’s view of skiing to their operation, building their early business model around customer service, while pioneering the convenience of season-long rental gear for skiing families. As still noted on Ski Barn’s website, “We understand the burden that these activities can bring.” Ski Barn’s goal: lighten that load for families.


Not lifelong skiers, they emphasized that the key to their success was the passion and knowledge of their staff. All employees are trained to know the products they sell. In the winter, the staff tests gear, and each season, boot fitters attend a four-day clinic.


Over the years, as Ski Barn expanded, Dick and Carol were recognized as national leaders on retail operations. In the late 1990s, they started a gradual retirement, with the third generation now involved with the family business. Nearly 50 years after the first Ski Barn opened, Dick and Carol’s legacy continues, as is explained by the shop’s motto, “Live Life Outside.”