Pierre Dumas - Historian, ISHA Award winner

Passing Date

Pierre Dumas, ski historian, engineer and 2017 ISHA Cyber Award winner passed away on August 14. He was 78.

A passionate skier and ski historian, Dumas contributed extensive original research and finished projects for the Laurentian Ski Museum, and still managed to ski more than 80 days annually at Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts, Quebec.

In 2017, Dumas completed his epic compilation of more than 600 past and present ski areas in Quebec. His interactive site, Répertoire des sites de ski du Québec, catalogues, geo-locates and details the great breadth of skiing’s footprint throughout his home province. Both the LSM and ISHA saw fit to honor him that same year.

Dumas contributed his research and organizational skills to ISHA’s Canadian Ski History Writers Project for Skiing History stories on Paul d’Allmen’s Laurentian ski maps and Mont Gabriel. And he was the driving force behind the story of The Seigniory Club in this issue of Skiing History. He is survived by his wife, Élaine Cousineau, and three daughters. —Bob Soden