Ivan Petkov - Ivan Petkov, Shaped-ski innovator

Passing Date

Aspen — Long time Roaring Fork resident Ivan Petkov passed away September 8, 2012 after a long and valiant battle with cancer. He set an inspiring example with his constant optimism, sense of humor and love for family, friends and sport. Always with a smile and infectious enthusiasm, Ivan could be seen on the ski hills of Aspen carving the perfect turn or teaching others to.

Many of us will remember Ivan as a local skiing legend and the “grandfather” of shaped skis. In 1993 Ivan co-founded S Ski, and led the innovative company to perfect some of the first wide shaped skis that led to a revolution in the faltering ski industry.

Born in Bulgaria, Ivan’s life was special from childhood. He was a famous child movie star in the Balkans. His early passion for skiing culminated there when he became a member of the Bulgarian national ski team in the mid 70’s. He was an internationally ranked wind surfer in the 80’s. He moved to Aspen in the late 80’s for the reason so many did… skiing. During many years as an Aspen instructor, he shared his S Ski, carving technique and good humor with so many.

Ivan founded a company in 2006 called Hot Gear offering heated ski boot bags which has kept his connection with his beloved sport alive… And many World Cup skiers feet warm!

He is survived by his son Nikolai and wife Viviana, the love of his life who made the pa years a joy and supported him through his challenges. As you ski this winter, making those effortless carves, remember Ivan and take a run for him.

For the history of the S Ski, see https://www.skiinghistory.org/history/evolution-ski-shape

View photos of Ivan’s life at:

https://picasaweb.google.com/jomarkph/IvanPetkov19532012?authkey=Gv1sRgCKHKxJLXyvWUYQ# –Mark Joseph