Claudia Carbone - Journalist, Women's Sports Activist

Passing Date

Ski and travel writer and women’s ski advocate Claudia Carbone died on October 9. She was 81.

Born and raised in Denver, Carbone began her career in journalism in 1984 when she was hired by The Villager newspaper in Englewood, Colorado, as the publication’s first ski writer. Her career soon blossomed, and she was published in a wide variety of publications, including USA Today and the Los Angeles Times, as well as all the major ski magazines.

But it was her groundbreaking book, Women Ski, published in 1994, that brought her national attention. The book’s crusading attitude—expressed in its subtitle, “How women can take control of their ski lives”—landed Carbone on the Today show, NBC Nightly News and other national media outlets.

Carbone became a recognized authority on women’s issues in skiing. Her goal through her writing and appearances was to inspire women to take up skiing by advocating for changes in both ski equipment and instruction. Carbone was the spokeswoman for the first National Women’s Ski and Snowboard Week and worked as a consultant for women’s ski clinics and equipment companies. In her later years, Carbone worked as a freelance travel writer, restaurant and performing-arts reviewer and blogger.

Carbone was president of the North American Snowsports Journalists Association from 2002 to 2004. She also was an active member of the Society of American Travel Writers and the North American Travel Journalists Association, winning several awards.