Volume 31, No. 5 September-October 2019

Cover Vol 31 Issue  5
On the Cover: 

This tourism poster by Swiss artist Edi Hauri promoted the charms of the Bernese Oberland. Born in Basel, Hauri studied at the Basel School of Design and the Academy of Arts in Berlin. He worked as a graphic designer at a printing company in Basel, and had his own studio from 1941. Courtesy Vintage Ski World (


13 Ski Heil!
The evolution of skiing jargon reflects nationalism and cultural change. BY E. JOHN B. ALLEN

16 Downhill Racer
Fifty years ago, Robert Redford was embroiled in making the movie that changed the way Americans viewed ski racing. How it happened. BY MORTEN LUND

22 Skiing High
From the moment people figured out they could go downhill on skis and survive, they’ve been trying to be the first to ski from the tops of ever-higher mountains. BY JAY COWAN

28 Excellence on the Escarpment
Small vertical, big results: A 750-foot-high ridge in Ontario has spawned many of Canada’s Olympic and World Cup champions. BY LORI KNOWLES

Features Vo. 31 Issue 5

4 Readers Respond
First quad fact-finding; skiing on chicken feathers in California; do we need a nordic hall of fame?

6 Short Turns
Alta’s “wild” ski club celebrates 55 years; Ski Racing is on the block.

8 Snapshots in Time
Ski games and stunts (1909), abolish the U.S. Ski Team (1970), skiing is safer than wading (1976)

10 Resorts Then and Now
The world’s weirdest ski lift is at a former NATO installation in Norway. BY JIMMY PETTERSON

12 Equipment
You could be racing while others are lacing! The mod- est boot buckle was one of the sport’s most enduring innovations. BY JOHN FRY

21 Museum News
U.S. Hall of Fame announces its Class of 2019.

27 Technique
Timeless tip: Point your belly button down the hill.

32 Media Reviews
Poignant documentary looks back at Colorado’s lost ski resorts.

33 News from ISHA
New partnerships extend ISHA’s reach.

34 Remembering
Farewell to pioneers Egon N. Zimmermann, Sherman Poppen, Pepi Gramshammer and Bill Williams.

Department Vo. 31 Issue 5
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