Volume 30, No. 3 May-June 2018

SH Vol 30 Issue 3 Cover
On the Cover: 

Vacances d’Hiver en Roumanie, designer unknown, circa 1930s. Image courtesy Swann Auction Galleries (

15 If the Boot Fits, Wear It
From poisonous foam to sophisticated liners, the custom-fitting of plastic boots has progressed spectacularly over 50 years. BY SETH MASIA

18 Penguin Power!
One of North America’s first and most successful ski clubs was created in Quebec entirely by, and for, women. BY CARA ARMSTRONG AND LORI KNOWLES

22 The Incomparable Bob Beattie
Bold, dynamic, and charismatic, the late Bob Beattie fueled much of what happened in competitive alpine skiing between 1960 and the end of the 20th century. An appraisal of when, where and how he succeeded, by a journalist who knew and interviewed him for more than 50 years. BY JOHN FRY


3 Readers Respond
NASTAR and the must-do turn; Aunt Ginny’s legs.
5 Short Turns
Surprise! Ukraine is world’s second-largest ski manufacturing nation.Plus: 50th anniversary of Aspen Interski.
9 Ski Travel
Tracing the trail of the 10th Mountain Division on Italy’s Riva Ridge. BY PAUL DUNCAN
10 Commentary
U.S. Skiing could learn a lot from the success formula within its own women’s cross-country team. BY EDITH THYS MORGAN
12 Timeless Tips
In the 1960s, the “hockey stop” was key to a new way of teaching. BY RON LEMASTER
13 Ski Memories
In the early 1990s, one man wrote the manual to bridge the cultural divide between skiers and snowboarders. BY ROGER LOHR
30 Ski Memories
At this Catskills ski area, a Broadway theater photographer ran the patrol, taught first aid and did PR. BY JEFF BLUMENFELD
32 News from ISHA
Photos from Skiing History Days in Squaw Valley; Hall of Fame wins first ISHA “Stewards of History” award.
35 Museum News
New England Ski Museum opens new branch in North Conway. BY E. JOHN B. ALLEN
36 Remembering
Farewell to ski pioneers John Henry Auran, Grady Moretz, Thor Groswold, Frank Hurt, Al Diem, Jane Pitman, Anne Nordhoy, Jules Eberhard.
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