Volume 21, No. 3 September 2009

On the Cover: 

This reproduction of a 1930 poster by Franz Lenhart promotes winter tourism in the Italian Alps. The poster, on display in the Mason Beekley Collection of Skiing Art and Literature at the Mammoth (Calif.) Ski Museum, is available in a variety of sizes and prices. To view this poster, visit the museum's website ( or call (760) 934-6592.


8 The First Alpine Olympic Trials
The 1935 trials set American alpine racing on its international course. by Morten Lund

15 Confessions of a Four-Wheel Ski Instructor
Recalling the agony and ecstasy of the 1950s bus weekends. by Daniel Burack

21 The Amazing, Intriguing Roland Palmedo
A New York sportsman/financier builds Vermont's first chairlift. by Morten Lund

30 The Short, Happy Ski Life of Ernest Hemingway
From Cortina to Sun Valley, skiing played a key role in this writer's life. by Valerie Smith

33 Scandinavian Ski Shop: Emblem of an Era
Harry Vallin had a knack, and he used it ot bring skiing excitement to New York. by Iseult Devlin

37 All Aboard for North Conway!
How skiing revived the Boston & Maine Railroad's flagging fortunes. by Tom Eastman

40 The World's First Overhead Continuous Cable Ski Lift
This German-built "pulling machine" was transporting skiers in 1908. by John Allen


4 Readers Respond
Al Merrill's Legacy, Wolfgang Lert and Andrea Mead Remembered.

14 Snapshots in Time
What was happening in 1949, 1959, 1969, 1974, and 1984

17 Museum News
News from Vermont, California, Utah, Canada, New Hampshire.

18 Where Are They Now: Ingemar Stenmark
Sweden's racing idol is back in Sweden, and still competing. by Fabian Rimfors

20 U.S. Ski Hall of Fame
Bowing to changes in the sport, governance rules are streamlined. by Tom West

26 Historic Lodging
Stowe's Foster Place was backed by J.P. Morgan's granddaughter. by Elinor Earle

35 Where Are They Now: Don Lemos
The underground instructor who sparked turmoil in Aspen. by Morten Lund

42 Skier's Bookshelf 
Heli-skiing's founder, a biased history, the cult of steep.

45 Remembering
Ski instructor Nic Fiore, resort developer Dr. Tom Brigham.

47 Chairman's Letter
Museums offer close-up look at skiing's history. by Barry Stone

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