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Skiing History, published bimonthly, is the world’s most widely circulated magazine about the sport’s past. It features once-popular equipment; historic resorts and bars you can visit now; what famous living skiers are doing now; and more.

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SH Vol 30 Issue 5 Cover

Volume 30, No. 5 September-October 2018

SKIING HISTORY (formerly Skiing Heritage) is the bimonthly journal of the International Skiing History Association and the official publication of the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame, the...

Sample Articles from Current Issue

How Has TV Treated Skiing? Not Well.

Skiing was a handy punching bag when television searched for laughs. By Jeff Blumenfeld

How Many U.S. Skiers and Snowboarders Are There?

Just how many of us are there? That’s a controversial question. 

Sample Articles from Previous Issues

A Sport Once White

Photo above: The Rivers Triplets of Long Island are U12 racers who train at Windham Mountain, New York. Left to right: Helaina D. Rivers, Henri D.L. Rivers IV, and Henniyah D. Rivers. By Jay Cowan In...

How Ski Trails Got Their Names

When it comes to trail monikers, no lions and tigers, but plenty of bears—not to mention resort founders, historic events and death threats.   By Jeff Blumenfeld I remember December 1973 like it was...


Penguin Power! One of North America’s first and most successful ski clubs was created in Quebec entirely by, and for, women.   By Cara Armstrong and Lori Knowles Ski clubs have played an important...


U.S. Skiing could learn a lot from the success formula within its own women’s cross-country team. By Edith Thys Morgan The FIRST, EVER, cross country gold medal for the U.S.!” Those words, screamed...