Dartmouth racer, ski industry sales rep

Passing Date: 
Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sabin “Sabe” Clark Abell, Jr. died unexpectedly while driving on June 1, at age 88.

A fifth generation Vermonter, Sabe was a graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy and Dartmouth College (1954), and was a member of their lacrosse and ski teams at the time when Darmouth dominated the ski scene nationally. 

After graduation he joined the family business, Wood’s Sporting Goods Store in Burlington. As a manufacturer’s representative, Sabe introduced Head skis to the area, and a number of other products to the United States, setting up national sales and marketing agents. He then ran a number of trade shows. He spent many years sailing and racing on Lake Champlain on his Luders 33 “Saucy Fox”, and off-shore as crew in several Newport to Bermuda and Sorc Races.

In 1999, Sabe and his wife Karen moved from Shelburne, Vermont to Vero Beach, Florida, where at age 71 he started a new career as an elected Vero Beach City Councilman, acting as a Vice Mayor and Mayor during his seven-year tenure. He served as president of the Dartmouth Alumni Club of Vero Beach.

He is survived by his wife of 50 years, Karen Vail Hurley Abell; daughter Kym Hurley; sons Matt and John Abell; brother-in-law Burr Vail; sister-in-law Linda Vail; grandchildren Blake and Zora Hurley; niece Adrienne Vail; and nephew Robb Abell. He was predeceased by children Cheryl, Suzanne, and Michael Abell; and sister Martha Rudd.

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